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Christmas 2012

Mike & me at Kennywood on Dec. 8th

I keep telling myself I'll get back into posting on LJ, but it doesn't seem to happen! It's so crazy that I used to rely on LJ, but now it's just pushed aside... though I never intended for that to happen. I love my friends on this and would like for them to continue posting (so that I know what the hell is up), but I guess it goes both ways--I should post too.

What's most strange is that I couldn't go a day without writing something back in middle school. Journaling / fan fiction for Moulin Rouge (was such a nerdo). So much so that my english teacher made me promise I'd write a book and list her in the dedications, only because I pumped out emails to her like no student ever. It's hard to believe I was (and am still) that person... I pride myself on being a good friend, and never changing, but any reliance I had has dwindled down. I know that here and there, I come on LJ and wreak havoc in the form of long-ass comments to specific entries from people who post. Not nearly enough, but it's happened.

I refuse to abandon this thing for good though.

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas! I didn't work yesterday and am still not sure how I managed to get it off. In the ER, we work less holidays than we do in other units. How is that? Guaranteed the ER was busy... I worked Christmas Eve, and while we average about 1 cardiac arrest a day, we had 7: 4 in a three-hour period. All 7 of those people died, and I can't even begin to express how badly that wrecks your day. I don't know what is worse, having a family coming in with a cardiac arrest, fully knowing that they're gone and there's nothing we can do, or, a family coming in not knowing that they're about to be told that their father/husband/brother is dead. My heart broke 7 times I think.

Somehow I think it's worse when they don't know. When they come in looking like average people, but you know immediately that it's soon to be possibly the worst day of their lives.

I feel SO blessed that my family and friends who are living were around for the holidays.

Did anyone get anything awesome this year?

My parents got me a GPS, which was so nice. It was exactly the one I wanted (and it's my first one)--a 5" display Garmin with lifetime maps. I have an amazing vehicle now (a sexy wine-colored 07 Ford Focus), so much appreciated, especially for the notorious mindfuckery that are Pittsburgh highways,bridges, and mountainous roads. But I feel like I'm in a better financial place than my parents are. I singlehandedly made my sister's Christmas, and that feels awesome. I got my mother a Victoria's Secret bra (strange gift unless you know her), and she cried. Somehow, I did awesomely when it came to gifts this year.

I have no idea what Mike got me yet, but all he has been doing for two months is harrassing me about how much I'm going to love his gifts. I'm at work, it's blizzarding out (lol), and no one's coming into the ER this hour (knock on wood), but I know the accidents will start arriving by ambulance soon. I'm supposed to go to his parents' house after work. He's making me dinner and giving me Christmas gifts from his family and one gift from Kylie Minogue.

Not even kidding. Kylie Minogue herself sent him something to give to me. *cries*
I got something on my birthday that was from her as well, but he withheld the rest to make my Christmas good. And this is why I'm dating Mike! He is so funny and bubbly and passionate about everything I love.
Kylie: 90s ferocity

Poll: Please help!

(This entry is public for now, because I'm desperate)

Great… I'm sick. I should have known that if I didn't get anything this winter that spring would definitely bring something, and I think this was the primal opportunity: I'm in the middle of a speech class this quarter, and it's definitely not working with my work schedule. I'm not totally sure if this is a sinus infection or strep throat. Both of those are common for me (or used to be) in the spring when I was younger. I didn't miss that I got the skip the past 2 years or so.

And of course, the weather is perfection to torture me with. I would rather be doing anything than feeling like my head is exploding. Blah.

I really need any input I can get on the following. Please pick two to three at most. I have to do two of these for finals~
I know many of my FL isn't really around LJ anymore, but I thought I'd try. Kind of desperate.

What should I do as a speech topic?

People: David Bowie - (Intellectual depth in work, impact, eclecticism)
People: Deepak Chopra - (Mind/body speaker and spiritualist. Chopra following and criticism)
Interior Design: Design psychology (Influence on mood)
Interior Design: Utilizing color effectively in the home (advantages of color in establishing decor and focus)
Interior Design: French decor (characteristics of French style through time)
Interior Design: Sustainable design
Greek Mythology: Greek Mythology (Greek literature and role in popular culture)

What is your stance on the following: Zoos

I am for them! When the facilities are spacious and well-kept, these animals aren't imprisoned and teach us about them up close.
I hate them! Animals are taken out of their natural habitats unwilling and tortured through conditions they weren't created for.
I'm not really for or against them--I like going to them but think they're cruel as well.
I'm not really for or against them--I don't go to them and don't really care.

What is your stance on the following: Pyramids (who built them?)

Egyptians! Lots and lots of them.
The aliens created them, obviously.
A mixture of higher beings helping the Egyptians
I don't really know enough about ancient Egypt to say either way.
I don't care.

What is your opinion on Deepak Chopra?

He is highly enlightened and I appreciate anything he talks about
He is a mixture of interesting and ridiculous
He is false and ridiculous
lol who?

I really want to do Greek Mythology, but being that my teacher announced to the class my idea of Greek Mythology, 3 people who didn't submit their outlines in time (because they didn't know what to do or whatever) just up and decided to list Greek Mythology as well. /annoying. /I'm so over people who lack creativity in an ART SCHOOL. Sorry. Back to needing your help:

Okay, nyquil now.

Please help me though! I need at least 15 friends and family by Thursday! In return I'll comment on LJ after some sleep and subsequent drugs.
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I know it's a little late, but I did keep track of all films watched in 2010
in a private entry. And I did get to over 100. But there's a lot that I didn't remember
to list after watching them, of course! But I'm posting anyway...

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No Doubt Concert Post

No doubt was, as expected, completely awesome.

Like most ND fans, I've loved them since "Just a Girl". My friend Kayla's older sister used to let us steal her cd player to listen to Tragic Kingdom over and over again. We would sit in the grass of her yard making beaded lizards and painting our nails several different colors at once, wishing we were as cool as Gwen. This was my first album of theirs that I owned, and it was in cassette form! (lol)

I loved ND through my Spice Girl craze, love Gwen solo too, and still do.

So when it came to getting tickets, there was no question that I NEEDED them. I waited nearly 24 hours to get the OK from Minka and Taura, checked my bank account to make sure I could get all 3 at once, and got Pit seats immediately.

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Perfumes post

BRITNEY SPEARS WAS AWESOME. *dies* I knows, I need to really post about it soon.

lavishtrend is on its last legs and has been since we opened it. And since it's not really doing much good right now, I thought I'd repeat my post here that I spent like... 3 hours on!

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